College of Management Graduate Student Handbook

Continuing Students Registration

  • Continuing students must contact their advisor Tara Norton during pre-registration period regarding course selection for the semester. Details on registration periods are on the “Enrollment Dates” section of WISER. Students unable to register through WISER should submit the Graduate Registration Request Form. Please be advised there is a late registration fee for students who do not enroll during their assigned preregistration period.

Transfer Credit

  • With the approval of the Graduate Programs Office, graduate students may transfer no more than six credits of graduate work in courses that apply to their degree taken at other institutions. Transfer credits are eligible for courses that meet the following criteria:
    • courses taken at accredited institutions, courses taken at the graduate level;
    • courses graded B or better, and taken within seven years of matriculation to university;
    • courses not used to obtain a previous degree.

Please submit an official transcript and if possible, a copy of the syllabus to the graduate program office. An official Graduate Transfer Credit Approval Form will then be completed. Students who have taken graduate courses at UMass Boston as a non-degree student and then matriculated into the graduate program must also fill out the Transfer Credit Form.

Add/Drop Period

  • Every semester a student can add, drop, or change courses through WISER during the first week of class. See the university calendar for the official add/drop period. Please note: Dropping a course after this period is considered a withdrawal (W) which is noted on the student’s transcript.


  • After the add/drop period, a student may withdraw from a course if s/he cannot complete the required coursework. Students withdraw through WISER by the withdrawal deadline published on the academic calendar. A withdrawn course appears on the student’s transcript as a W. A student will still be charged for a withdrawn course and cannot withdraw from a course after the withdrawal date. If the student does not withdraw and is still on the class roster at the end of the semester, the university will automatically assign a grade of F for the course.


  • A grade of incomplete (INC) is reported only when a portion of the assigned or required class work or the final examination has not been completed due to serious illness, extreme personal circumstances, or scholarly reasons. Incompletes are given at the discretion of the instructor. The student and the instructor must meet to fill out an Incomplete Contract Form, available only to the course instructor in the College of Management Graduate Programs Office. This written agreement specifies the work to be completed and the deadline for completion. Once course assignments have been fulfilled the course instructor submits a new grade by completing a Change of Grade Form. If course assignments are not complete by the one-year deadline, the INC automatically turns into an F.

Leave of Absence

  • If you need to take time off from your graduate program, this form must be filled out and approved by Graduate Program Director. If a leave of absence is approved, the time limit for completing the degree will be extended accordingly. Please keep in mind that the $225.00 program fee* is required for each semester you are on your leave of absence. Upon receipt of the approved leave of absence form, you will be put on program fee status and you will be billed for the $225.00 fee.* If the form is submitted after the add/drop period, you will also be billed for the $100.00 late fee. 

Statue of Limitations

  • Each program requires that students complete their course of study within designated time limits. The statute of limitations for the master’s management program is five years. A student who fails to complete a program within the established time limit is subject to dismissal. In exceptional cases, an extension of the time limit may be granted by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The student must submit a Graduate Statute of Limitations Extension Form. The student must meet with the graduate program director to complete the form.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Industry Research Practicum