Entrepreneurship Concentration

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Entrepreneurship is one of the fastest-growing areas of business, and one of the major directions of management education. The entrepreneurship concentration is closely connected to the College of Management’s Entrepreneurship Center (EC), and the concentration draws on the EC’s vision and strategy:

The Entrepreneurship Center provides core knowledge and expertise for starting new businesses, creating innovations in growing companies, and thriving in high-growth environments. Through university-wide courses and hands-on learning, we provide a complete toolkit for every student–fundamentals and opportunities for career-long entrepreneurship.

These goals are accomplished through the courses in the concentration, as well as through all the programs offered by the EC.

The entrepreneurship concentration allows students to develop skills in entrepreneurial innovation and action, effective communication, capitalizing on opportunities, and new business creation and growth. Interdisciplinary electives let students focus on e-commerce, international venturing, operational innovation, or starting their own company with mentoring from successful entrepreneurs.

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Career Paths

Students who complete their bachelor’s degree with a concentration in entrepreneurship are positioned well for entry-level positions in fast-growth entrepreneurial companies, or to pursue their own growing business. Graduates have also found positions in a range of industries including high tech, computer and telecommunications, marketing and PR, as well as nonprofit organizations, health care, and education.

Advising Notes

  • The interdisciplinary nature of this concentration provides students with the flexibility to choose courses from a broad range of disciplines related to entrepreneurship.
  • The prerequisites for these courses are strictly enforced, so entrepreneurship concentrators should plan their schedules carefully and early.

Concentration Requirements

Five Courses Required (15 credits)

Take both of these required courses:

MGT 470 Entrepreneurship
MKT 465 Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing

Take any three of the following courses:

BC 298 Presentation Skills for Business
IT 370 Business Intelligence
MGT 350 Organizational Events Management
MGT 415 Sport Entrepreneurship
MGT 434 Managing in the Global Economy
MGT 469 Entrepreneurship Practicum
MKT 409 CRM: Customer Relationship Management
MKT 441 Social Media and E- Services
SCSM 454L Supply Chain Management

Notes: Students are allowed to pursue more than one concentration. However, no more than two courses from the first concentration can be used toward the second.

Concentration courses are not guaranteed to be offered every semester. Students should meet with their advisor to plan out a specific path for graduation.

The concentration requirements in place when a student declares the concentration are the requirement to be completed, not necessarily the concentration requirements in place at the time of enrollment in the College of Management. The proper concentration requirements will appear on the degree audit.