Meet Our Alumni

Prachi Jain The curriculum at UMass Boston is very hands-on. I was working towards my CFA, and UMass Boston's affiliation with the CFA Institute aligned with my objectives. The faculty is friendly and always encouraging," Prachi Jain, MSF '22.



"UMass Boston produces stars, and I am one of them. The College of Management instills knowledge, values, and realistic possibilities for achieving goals outside the four walls of the classroom. The program's academic curriculum and diverse culture have raised a Festac boy from Nigeria to a high flyer. UMass Boston MBA program is exceptional!Jeffrey Ogeawuchi, MBA '22.


"I chose UMass Boston for the ability to complete my MBA virtually, the specialization options, and the diversity of students. I specialized in Information Systems to further my career in HR. This specialization granted me a deeper understanding of the ways technology plays a critical role in the talent market and improves business efficiency. I had a great experience at UMB!" Leah Gedies, MBA '22


Diana Tran"UMass Boston is special because of its diversity and flexibility. I had the pleasure of working with brilliant minds and out-of-the-box thinkers. The Professional Apprenticeship Career Experience (PACE) Program and the Management Achievement Program (MAP) enabled me to explore and experience projects that contributed to my career, education, and communities," Diana Tran, BSM, Concentrations: Marketing & Information Systems and Business Analytics '21.

"I had the pleasure of receiving my MBA part-time at UMass Boston with a special concentration in Human Resources Management. I greatly valued working and learning in my free time by being immersed in the diverse student population that UMass Boston offers. My colleagues were from all walks of life and could bring real-world experience to the classroom in a way that was enriching to the curriculum and subject matter." Neggin Rostamnezhad, MBA ‘19.


Gavin B."I have recommended UMass Boston's MBA to multiple colleagues and acquaintances. The College of Management is excellent, and the staff is knowledgeable and approachable. I tell everyone to connect with a professor; they will help you meet amazing real-world companies and business leaders. That experience was enriching beyond belief," Gavin Bodkin, MBA '17.


Rebeca Costa"The MS in Finance degree provides the skills that prepared me for my career and exams. Having an MSF set me apart from my peers. As a young woman in the finance world, this helped propel me to the next level," Army Specialist Rebeca Costa, MSF '19.



Elle Ting"I learned about UMass Boston from my friend, who highly recommended the graduate program; this was the only school I applied to. I chose to get my master's degree so that I was able to switch my career to business analytics. I enrolled in the MSBA program and knew this was exactly what I wanted to do with my career. I recommend students attend the open house where they can talk to professors; that's how I knew UMass Boston was the school for me," Elle Tian, MSBA '19.

"I pursued my Master of Beth AufieroScience in IT and decided to get my MBA and MSIT together. I'm glad I chose UMass Boston, the quality of the program is very high, and it's a good value versus spending a lot more at other schools. In my opinion, the education you get at UMass Boston compares to any school in the Boston area," Elizabeth Aufiero, MBA, MSIT '16.


Alexander Beccera"The MSA curriculum prepped me for my career in the accounting field. The faculty was just as invested in my education as I was," Alexander Beccera, MSA '15.