Bloomberg/New Technology Lab – It is located on the 3rd floor of Healey Library (#3-008, behind the IT Help Desk)

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What is the “Bloomberg Professional Service” aka “Bloomberg Terminal”?

The “Bloomberg Professional Service” is commonly referred as the “Bloomberg Terminal." The Bloomberg Professional® Service (BPS) is the most powerful and flexible platform for financial professionals who need real-time data, news and analytics to make smarter, faster, more informed business decisions. It covers Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, and Commodities markets. With BPS, you can get access to the 24,000+ companies around the world on 360+ exchanges. There are more than 315,000+ subscribers in 174 countries.

What are the benefits as a student?

Using Bloomberg students can connect to a network of 2.5 million financial professional users. It helps students benefit from integrating theory with real-world practice. Using Bloomberg for Education, students can:

  • Deepen research and enrich classwork
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Make decisions based on real events and real data
  • Better integrate their own methods
  • Prepare for a challenging employment marketplace
  • Test their skills with Bloomberg Essentials tests
  • Gain valuable experience using Bloomberg technology

How do I use the Bloomberg Professional Service at the College of Management?

The Bloomberg Lab is located on the 3rd floor of the Healey Library. It has 12 terminals, which are dedicated solely to using Bloomberg. The lab door is password protected. The access to the lab is reserved for College of Management students. Students need to email at to get the access key, terminal password, and other account setup help.

How do I create my Bloomberg account? View instructions.

How do I become Bloomberg Certified?

  • There are four certification exams for each Market Sectors: Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities, and Foreign Exchange (FX). After completing all four certifications, you become Bloomberg Proficient.
  • To complete a certification, watch four core videos and one of the Market Sector videos. You will be prompted to take one exam after watching four core videos and one exam after watching a market sector video. That means you have to write two exams to get your first certification. After that watch individual market sector videos and write the exam.

What if I do not pass the exam the first time?

  • If you do not pass the exam for the first time, get in touch with Bloomberg help by pressing the help key twice.
  • Request for the account reset.
  • Study hard and take the exam again.
  • You will get only two attempts to pass the certification exam.