“The student managed fund and the Bloomberg platform are both great ways to place oneself above the rest in the job market” - Joan Kiiru, Business Analyst, Lexington Insurance Company. (MSF 2014)

"Analyzing vast amounts of financial data using financial models and other analysis techniques require a mature and advanced platform such as Bloomberg. It provides an incredible amount of financial data at the student’s disposal data. Without Bloomberg, the students will be lacking a serious tool to make effective investing decisions" - Paris Venkat, Senior Project Manager, Homesite. (MBA Finance 2013)

"At the end of the interview, the partner asked me what else he should know about me, I proudly told him one of my stock pitches at the Graduate Student Managed Fund. Apparently, the interviewers were impressed and I got the full time job offer at Deloitte. At my current position, I continue to benefit from my experiences with GSMF and Bloomberg trainings" - Sunny Tang, Senior Audit Assistant, Deloitte. (MSF 2013)