Graduation Quick Check

If you are an undergraduate who has earned 90 credits and are in your second to last, or last, semester in the College of Management, you can complete this form to have an advisor confirm that you are on track for graduation.

This form will be reviewed by an advisor in the College of Management. We will look at your degree audit and student record to determine which requirements remain for you before graduation. We can only check your academic degree requirements, but there may be other issues that prevent the university from awarding your degree such as outstanding bills or library holds.

If you have not already applied for graduation, you should do so by the dates listed on your degree audit or on the Registrar's applying for graduation page. Even if you are unsure when you will graduate, it is always easier to move your graduation date to a later time than get added into the graduation system after the deadline.

Please allow 5-7 business days for a reply from this form submission. You will receive an email with detailed information into to the email address you provide on this form.

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More information on the graduation application process can be found here.