IT Track Declaration

THIS FORM IS FOR COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) STUDENTS ONLY.  IT majors in the College of Science and Mathematics should contact their advising office for information on track declaration in their college.

Any College of Management Information Technology major can declare their track at any time.

All CM students must declare a track by the time they have accumulated 80 credits.

  • Students are allowed to pursue more than one track. However, no more than two courses from the first track can be used towards the second. If you plan on completing more than one track, please note that you are required to complete both tracks to be certified for graduation.
  • Please allow approximately 3 weeks from submission of this form for it to appear on your degree audit.

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Please note again, that this form is for CM students only. See the top of this form for more information.

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I have a track but I want to CHANGE my track in the College of Management. You do not need to complete the ADD or DROP section below if you complete this section.

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