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Autoworkers Face Uncertain Future in an Era of Electric Cars ›

Associated Press | February 12, 2021
When General Motors announced its goal last month to make only battery-powered vehicles by 2035, it didn't just mark a break with more than a century of making internal combustion engines. It also clouded the future for 50,000 GM workers whose skills -- and jobs -- could become obsolete far sooner than they knew. Assistant Professor of Management Teddy DeWitt tells the Associated Press that, "we're just at the beginning of that transition."

How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Product Market Perception and Firm Value ›

Columbia Law School's Blog on Corporations and the Capital Markets | November 19, 2020
Professors Mine Ertugrul and Lucia Silva-Gao, both in the Finance department at UMass Boston's College of Management, found that product market perception is one way that corporate social responsibility (CSR) creates firm value in their research, titled "How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Product Perception and Firm Value,"

Pandemic Pushes Executive Education Programs Online ›

Boston Business Journal (paywall) | August 24, 2020
For many local schools, the coronavirus sped up plans to move more courses online. “The pandemic has forced us into thinking that there are classes that students would like to take and prefer an online modality,” said Arindam Bandopadhyaya, interim dean and professor of finance in the College of Management. “Once we are on other side of the pandemic (we may realize we were) not offering enough of an online experience in this particular area and now we have to increase that in general.”

Corporate Social Responsibility: Improving Firm Value Through Enhanced Brand Value ›

The Canadian Business Journal | August 16, 2020
Associate Professors of Finance Mine Ertugrul and Lucia Silva Gao write that when examining the impact of corporate social responsibility on companies’ values and portfolio returns, investors should account for the indirect impact of improved consumer perception and brand value.

Researcher at UMass Boston Awarded $100,000 Leadership Prize ›

The Boston Globe | May 26, 2020
A UMass Boston researcher who works to protect marginalized communities from being disproportionately affected by climate change has been awarded a $100,000 prize to advance her work. Sustainable Solutions Lab Director Rebecca Herst has received the 2020 Zuckerberg Endowed Leadership Prize.

Maine Picks Deputy James Bennett as CIO ›

Chief Investment Officer | April 16, 2020
Before his work as in investments, Bennett worked for two decades as a finance professor at universities, including the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Massachusetts State Senate Hired Framingham Resident as Manager of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ›

Framingham Source | April 15, 2020
Diana Kasule '17, who holds a business management degree with a concentration in leadership and organizational change, and a certification in managing conflict and confrontation, has been hired as the new Human Resources Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Senate.

Boston Harbor Brings Ashore a New Enemy: Rising Seas ›

The Washington Post | February 19, 2020
Article mentions that UMass Boston and the Woods Hole Group studied the possibility of building a massive harbor barrier similar to those in the low-lying Netherlands or the one across the River Thames in London. They estimated that construction would cost as much as $11.8 billion.

Special Report: How Rising Sea Levels Threaten East Coast Commercial Real Estate ›

Bisnow | February 17, 2020
A 2018 UMass Boston study found a harbor barrier would be less effective and significantly costlier than a shore-based climate resiliency solution.

Vicki Gray Has Found Her Niche in Apartment Turnovers ›

Boston Business Journal | February 12, 2020
Profile on Vicki Gray, the founder and owner of New Chapter Home Improvement, who is pursuing her bachelor's degree in business management at UMass Boston.