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Maine Picks Deputy James Bennett as CIO ›

Chief Investment Officer | April 16, 2020
Before his work as in investments, Bennett worked for two decades as a finance professor at universities, including the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Massachusetts State Senate Hired Framingham Resident as Manager of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ›

Framingham Source | April 15, 2020
Diana Kasule '17, who holds a business management degree with a concentration in leadership and organizational change, and a certification in managing conflict and confrontation, has been hired as the new Human Resources Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Senate.

Boston Harbor Brings Ashore a New Enemy: Rising Seas ›

The Washington Post | February 19, 2020
Article mentions that UMass Boston and the Woods Hole Group studied the possibility of building a massive harbor barrier similar to those in the low-lying Netherlands or the one across the River Thames in London. They estimated that construction would cost as much as $11.8 billion.

Special Report: How Rising Sea Levels Threaten East Coast Commercial Real Estate ›

Bisnow | February 17, 2020
A 2018 UMass Boston study found a harbor barrier would be less effective and significantly costlier than a shore-based climate resiliency solution.

Vicki Gray Has Found Her Niche in Apartment Turnovers ›

Boston Business Journal | February 12, 2020
Profile on Vicki Gray, the founder and owner of New Chapter Home Improvement, who is pursuing her bachelor's degree in business management at UMass Boston.

Microsoft Makes Big Push to Tackle Climate Change, Vowing to be ‘Carbon Negative’ by 2030 ›

The Seattle Times | January 16, 2020
On Thursday, Microsoft committed to remove more carbon from the environment than its own operations and its supply chain emit by 2030. Associate Professor of Management Nardia Haigh wonders if Microsoft will link bonuses and other executive compensation to the company reaching its climate targets.

GT Reilly & Company Appoints New Accounting, Auditing Director ›

Beverly Citizen | January 09, 2020
UMass Boston alumnus Stephen A. Rollins Jr. has been promoted to accounting and auditing director at G.T. Reilly & Company of Milton. Rollins earned a MBA in 2011.

Music Special: Rock Against Racism Turns 40 ›

Dig Boston | November 22, 2019
During the 70s and 80s, Rock Against Racism was a touchstone of creativity, collaboration, and unity for Boston’s youth. Associate Professor of Management Pacey Foster talked to Dig Boston about that time. Foster is the faculty director of the Massachusetts Hip-Hop Archive.

Dell pledges to make greener computers over the next decade ›

The Verge | November 12, 2019
Vesela Veleva, director of UMass Boston's MBA Program, says recycling is just the tip of the iceberg—if electronics manufacturers made their products more durable so consumers wouldn't need to replace them every few years, we wouldn’t be burning as many fossil fuels or throwing so much stuff away.

Decision Making In 7 Steps - For Climate Change, Business, Careers Or Life ›

Forbes | November 02, 2019
Associate Professor of Management Nardia Haigh says scenario planning has been around since the 1600s, “yet it remains a cutting-edge approach…(and) is a very transferable way to try to prepare for the future.”