The Bloomberg Trading Challenge (New England Chapter)  2021

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The Bloomberg Trading Challenge is the only university investment competition to take place entirely within the Bloomberg Terminal. One will use the terminal to define market assumptions, develop a return generating strategy, and execute trades over a closed network. The top three teams that generate the highest return relative to the US Large Cap Price Index (B500 Index) will receive a cash prize and will present their winning strategy to all participants.

Teams will have a $1 million notional amount to invest across any number of securities. For each stock picked, one will designate the dollar amount for the trade from the available funds. Teams should come together to decide on specific trades and then submit them within the Bloomberg terminal.


  • 7-week time frame,
  • Notional $1M to invest, 
  • Company market caps must be greater or equal to US $1B, 
  • Only single name equities of U.S-based companies are allowed - no ETF's, 
  • Long only, no short positions, 
  • No leverage, 
  • No single position held by your team can be greater than 20% of the notional amount. 
  • No more than 20% in cash


  1. To join the competition, form a team of 2 to 3 members.
  2. After electing a team captain, he or she must provide the UMass Boston GSMF staff ( their Bloomberg account name. An invitation link will then be sent within the Bloomberg terminal mail to the team captains, who will be the only members allowed to execute the trades.   
  3. To access the Internal Trading Challenge platform on the Terminal type "TMSG" or simply "Trade Ideas" in the Bloomberg search bar: 
  4. Select the "University of Massachusetts Boston - Bloomberg Trading Challenge 2021" and start composing your trades. 
  5. Once "Composed" and "Sent" each trade, allow roughly fifteen minutes to pass before it is fully executed. Note that the purchase price may vary within that fifteen-minute time frame, so plan your trades accordingly.
  6. After trades have been completed, one can sell the position by clicking the red circle icon next to the equity you bought, displayed in the “sort by sender” section.
  7. Reduce holdings by a specific amount after clicking the pencil icon next to the equity you bought, displayed in the “sort by sender” section. In the pop-up window there is a pull down menu that allows traders to choose "reduce the order".


  • Registration and Team system test week from 1/25/2021 to 3/5/2021
  • During the system test period, please post your questions and concerns in our forum, we will provide our assistance ASAP
  • After 3/5/2021, all the test trades will be removed from the system
  • B.T.C. time frame from 3/8/2021 to 4/23/2021
  • The official 7 weeks long competition starts on 3/8/2021.
  • Final presentation and prizes for the top 3 teams on 4/30/2021.
  • Top 3 teams ranked by total return in the 7 weeks competition will be invited to present their winning strategies to all participants.

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