Undergraduates in the College of Management will take coursework in a variety of areas, including:

These areas fulfill university and college requirements, and they also lead to a diverse educational experience for all graduates.

Course Requirements for IT Majors




Non-Business Foundation Courses


IT Major Core Requirements

ENGL 101 and ENGL 102; ECON 101 and ECON 102; and MATH 134


IT 110; IT 111L;
2 programming courses from: IT 114L, IT 115L, IT 116, IT 117, CS 110, CS 210, CS 240, MSIS 310;
IT 230L; IT 240; IT 244; IT 246; IT 285L; and IT 425L

Writing Proficiency Course


IT Capstone Requirement

BC 290


IT 485

First Year Seminar Course


Track Courses - All IT Majors must complete at least one track

Intermediate Seminar Course


Business Intelligence (5 courses/15 credits)
Computer Forensics (5 courses/15 credits)
Information Architecture (4 courses/12 credits)
System Administration (4 courses/12 credits)

Areas of Knowledge Distribution* (General Education courses)


Professional Electives

2 Arts (AR) or 2 Humanities (HU) or 1 of each;
2 Natural Science (NS) or Math/Technology (MT) (higher than calculus; not in your major);
2 Social or Behavioral Sciences (SB);
1 World Culture (WC) or 1 World Language (WL)


Three courses from the selected list. Refer to your degree audit.

International Management Course*


General Electives

Diversity Course* (International or U.S.)


required to bring the total number of credits to 120.

At least four non-business courses must be at the 200 level or above.
*These courses may overlap with other requirements.

Transfer Courses for the IT Major

Students who transfer into this program from another school may have some of these requirements met by previously completed coursework. When you attend New Student Orientation, an advisor will review your transfer credit evaluations and degree audit to see which requirements still remain to be completed at UMass Boston.

Students who are transferring from Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) may want to refer to this BHCC Transfer Guide for IT Majors, which outlines specific equivalencies from BHCC for College of Management IT majors.