Accounting Concentration

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The concentration in accounting provides students with a broad understanding of both accounting theory and techniques in preparation for a full range of career opportunities in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors of this rapidly expanding field. The curriculum reflects the knowledge and skills necessary for professional success in the dynamic and critical areas of public and private accounting.

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Career Paths

The accounting concentration will prepare students to enter a variety of careers in public, private, and governmental/nonprofit accounting, including budget analysis, financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing. The coursework is designed to assist students in preparing for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. Graduates work in public accounting firms as well as in accounting and finance departments of corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Advising Notes

  • The accounting concentration will take at least three semesters to complete once the first course is taken, due to the sequential nature of the required courses (AF 310, AF 311, AF 470).
  • The prerequisites for these courses are strictly enforced, so accounting concentrators should plan their schedules carefully and early with their academic advisor.
  • Generally speaking, concentration courses are not offered in the summer, so careful planning is critical to staying on track for degree completion.
  • Accounting concentrators should check with the department chair before taking the internship course.

Concentration Requirements

Seven Courses Required (21 credits)

Take all six of these required courses:

AF 310 Intermediate Accounting I (prerequisite for AF 311)
AF 311 Intermediate Accounting II (prerequisite for AF 470)
AF 315 Accounting Information Systems
AF 363 Cost Accounting
AF 450 Federal Taxation I
AF 470 Financial Auditing

Take any one of the following courses:

AF 330 Business Law
AF 410 Advanced Accounting
AF 433 Accounting for Non-Business Organizations
AF 451 Federal Taxation II
AF 478 Special Topics in Accounting
AF 480 Internship
AF 488 Independent Study

Notes: Students are allowed to pursue more than one concentration. However, no more than two courses from the first concentration can be used toward the second.

Concentration courses are not guaranteed to be offered every semester. Students should meet with their advisor to plan out a specific path for graduation.

The concentration requirements in place when a student declares the concentration are the requirement to be completed, not necessarily the concentration requirements in place at the time of enrollment in the College of Management. The proper concentration requirements will appear on the degree audit.