Interdisciplinary Business Concentration

The Interdisciplinary Business concentration allows students to explore various advanced business topics and courses from each department in the College. Students will take specified courses in Accounting, Business Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management disciplines. This concentration is available online, making it a flexible option that fits many scheduling priorities.

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Career Paths:

Students who complete the Interdisciplinary Business Concentration will have a broad foundation in business that will prepare them for graduate studies in business or related fields. Students in this concentration will also have a breadth of exposure to diverse business functional areas and be prepared to launch a career in various organizations.

Advising Notes:

  • Prerequisites for these courses are strictly enforced, so marketing concentrators should plan their schedules carefully and early.
  • Concentration courses are not guaranteed to be offered every semester. Students should meet with their academic advisor to plan a specific graduation path. 
  • This concentration is launching in Fall 2022. It may take two years for all concentration courses to be offered on the University schedule in an online format.

Concentration Requirements:

Four Required Concentration Core Courses (12 credits):
One Accounting & Finance Department course from:

One Management Department course from:

One Marketing Department course from:

One Management Information Systems Department course from:

One Elective Course that is not satisfying a requirement above (3 credits)

Notes: Students are allowed to pursue more than one concentration. However, no more than two courses from the first concentration can be used toward the second. Concentration courses are not guaranteed to be offered every semester or online. Students should meet with their advisors to plan a specific graduation path.

The concentration requirements in place when a student declares the concentration are the requirements to be completed, not necessarily the concentration requirements in place at the time of enrollment in the College of Management. The proper concentration requirements will appear on the degree audit.