International Management Concentration

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The international management concentration seeks to broaden students’ horizons and prepare them for the increasingly global business world. This concentration will help students understand both the economic, and political forces shaping the world economy and the implications for management practices. Students will gain an appreciation of the diverse economies and cultures of different countries.

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Career Paths

Graduates concentrating in international management are well prepared for a wide variety of careers in general management, international management and marketing, and financial analysis. Our alumni work in importing/exporting, retailing, sales, tourism, product management, and trade positions in multinational companies. International management concentrators are well positioned for graduate studies in business, law, international development, and international economics.

Advising Notes

  • The interdisciplinary nature of this concentration provides students with the flexibility to choose courses from a broad range of disciplines related to international business.
  • Please note that the non-CM courses are not scheduled by the College of Management, so availability of these of these courses cannot be guaranteed.
  • Prerequisites for these courses are strictly enforced, therefore INTMGT concentrators should plan their schedules carefully and early.

Concentration Requirements

Five Courses Required (15 credits)

Take all three of these required courses:

MGT 434 Managing in Global Economy
MKT 430 International Marketing
AF 455 International Financial Management

Take any two of the following courses:

ECON 334 International Trade
ECON 335 International Finance
ECON 336 Economic Development
ECON 372 Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 435 The Multinational Corporation
GLBAFF 220 Introduction to Global Affairs
GLBAFF 310 Global Financial Markets
GLBAFF 312 International Institutions and Management of Development
GLBAFF 313 Regional Political Economy
POLSCI 410 The Politics of International Economic Relations
MGT 480 Internship

Notes: Students are allowed to pursue more than one concentration. However, no more than two courses from the first concentration can be used toward the second.

Concentration courses are not guaranteed to be offered every semester. Students should meet with their advisor to plan out a specific path for graduation.

The concentration requirements in place when a student declares the concentration are the requirement to be completed, not necessarily the concentration requirements in place at the time of enrollment in the College of Management. The proper concentration requirements will appear on the degree audit.