Leadership and Organizational Change Concentration

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The Leadership and Organizational Change (LOC) concentration allows students to explore and develop critical managerial skills in decision making, conflict management, communication, and venture-creation skills. The concentration provides students not only with technical skills but also with the ability to manage people and resources effectively. Students can focus their concentration in one of the following areas if they wish:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Managerial Effectiveness

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Career Paths

Students who complete their bachelor’s degree with a concentration in leadership and organizational change are positioned well for entry-level managerial positions in the financial, biotechnology, high tech, nonprofit, computer and telecommunications industries, as well as in education, insurance, and health care. Recent graduates of the program work as account executives, human resource managers, consultants, recruiters, and retail managers, and several have started their own firms.

Advising Notes

  • The LOC concentration enables students to choose to create a focused track (e.g., entrepreneurship/small business, human resource management or managerial effectiveness) not only from the available academic courses but also by incorporating an internship and/or an independent study that can be directly related to one’s focus.  
  • Prerequisites for these courses are strictly enforced, so LOC concentrators should plan their schedules carefully and early.

Concentration Requirements

Five Courses Required (15 credits)

Take both of these required courses:

MGT 421 Skills in Leadership and Teamwork
MGT 434 Managing in the Global Economy

Take any three of the following courses:

MGT 401 Introduction to Human Resource Management
MGT 402 Labor Relations
MGT 431 Legal Environment of Business
MGT 450 Advanced Topics in Managing Organizations
MGT 469 Entrepreneurship Practicum
MGT 470 Entrepreneurship
MGT 478 Special Topics in Management
MGT 480 Internship
MGT 481 Introduction to Environmental Management
MGT 488 Independent Study
LABOR 240L Work, Environment, and Revolution in Latin America
LABOR 275L Learning to Labor: Work and Education in US History
LABOR 315 Labor, Community, and Social Justice Organizing
LABOR 330 Race, Class, and Gender at Work: Divisions in Labor 
LABOR 345 Labor and Sex Trafficking in a Global Economy 

Notes: Students are allowed to pursue more than one concentration. However, no more than two courses from the first concentration can be used toward the second.

Concentration courses are not guaranteed to be offered every semester. Students should meet with their advisor to plan out a specific path for graduation.

The concentration requirements in place when a student declares the concentration are the requirement to be completed, not necessarily the concentration requirements in place at the time of enrollment in the College of Management. The proper concentration requirements will appear on the degree audit.