Undergraduates in the College of Management will take coursework in a variety of areas including:

These areas fulfill university and college requirements. They also lead to a diverse educational experience for all graduates.

Management majors are required to complete a concentration, which is often related to their professional interests and career plans.

Concentration options are:

Non-Business Courses
Non-Business Foundation Courses
    ENGL 101 & ENGL 102; ECON 101 & ECON 102; and MATH 134 (Calculus)
Writing Proficiency Requirement Course
    BC 290 [The College of Management Writing Assessment (CMWA) is required prior to enrolling in this course]
First Year Seminar Course (required only for students entering with fewer than 30 credits)
Areas of Knowledge Distribution*
    2 Arts (AR) or 2 Humanities (HU) or 1 of each; 2 Social/Behavioral Science (SB); 2 Natural Sciences (NS) and 1 World Language (WL) or World Culture (WC)
International Management Course*
Diversity Course* (International or United States)
*Four courses from the last three categories must be at the 200 level or above.
Business Courses
Management Foundation Courses
    MSIS 110, MSIS 111L, and MSIS 212
Management Core Courses
    AF 210, AF 211, AF 301, MGT 303, MGT 330, MGT 331, MKT 301, MSIS 301 and
    MGT 490 (capstone)
Concentration Courses
Five to seven courses depending on selected concentration: accounting (7 courses); entrepreneurship (5 courses); finance (5 courses); information systems & business analytics (6 courses); interdisciplinary business (5 courses); international management (5 courses); leadership & organizational change (5 courses); marketing (5 courses); sport business (6 courses) and supply chain & service management (6 courses).
General Elective Courses
Required in order to bring the total number of credits to 120; number of general electives will vary depending on concentration selection.
Management Achievement Program (MAP)
80% of required MAP miles to register for MGT 490.