Undergraduate Program Office and Advising

Meet the Staff

Amy Daubney Mei, Undergraduate Program Director
Amy oversees the functions of the office and works with all CM students on policy exceptions, course overloads, and graduation clearances.  She is available for appointments regarding policy exceptions; talk with your advisor about making an appointment.

Lizzy Cantor, Academic Advisor
Lizzy works with declared concentrators for general academic advising purposes. She also runs the Transfer Resources for Achievement, Involvement, and Leadership (TRAIL). Schedule and appointment with Lizzy

Mara Gould, Assistant Director/Academic Advisor
Mara works with declared concentrators for general academic advising purposes. She also works with the Management LEAD program; both advising students in the program and working with the Peer LEADers.  Schedule and appointment with Mara

Rebecca Meaney, Academic Advisor
Rebecca works with declared concentrators for general academic advising purposes. She also advises students in the Three Year Degree program (3YD), coordinates the CM Tutoring Center and works with the PASS program for students in academic jeopardy in the College of Management. Schedule and appointment with Becca

Leona Thomas, Staff Assistant
Leona helps students navigate the college and campus experience while providing support to many of the staff and programs in the College of Management.


Academic Advising

The CM Undergraduate Program Office is operating in a hybrid fashion throughout the fall 2021 semester. We will have in-person and remote advising opportunities available.

Please note that masks are required for everyone who will be on campus in person, including anyone visiting our office for any reason.


To read more about the university’s health and safety protocols related to COVID-19, please visit this website: https://www.umb.edu/coronavirus


The College of Management is dedicated to helping all students in the college start on track and stay on track. Every CM student has a college-based or college-connected academic advisor assigned to them. Your advisor's name is listed on WISER or can be found below.

If you have more than 60 credits, you can choose to meet with the next available advisor virtually; or choose to meet with the next available in person advisor; or you can scroll below for options to meet with your assigned advisor. If you have fewer than 60 credits, please see below for your college-connected advisor's link.

Mara Gould
College based advisor

  • Students 60+ credits with Last Names A-Chen
  • Students in the LEAD program

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Becca Meaney
College based advisor

  • Students 60+ credits with Last Names Chena - La
  • Students in the 3YD program

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Lizzy Cantor
College based advisor

  • Students 60+ credits with Last Names Lb - O
  • Students in the TRAIL program

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College based advisor

  • Students 60+ credits with Last Names P-Z
  • Until a new advisor is named, you will be able to meet with any college-based advisor. Use the link to the right to schedule an appointment.

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Caitlin Sullivan
College connected advisor

  • Students with fewer than 60 credits with Last Names A-L

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Joe Marois
College connected advisor

  • Students with fewer than 60 credits with Last Names M-Z

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All college based advisors are located in the College of Management Undergraduate Program Office, McCormack Hall, 5th floor, Suite 610. 617-287-7760

All college connected advisors are located in the University Advising Center, Campus Center, Suite 1100. 617-287-5500

Academic advising is an important tool for all students in the College of Management. Your advisor wants to learn about your goals, plans, and priorities so that s/he can support you as you take classes to meet your individual goals. Your advisor can also help you navigate the campus and help you take advantage of resources that can help you meet with success. Make a plan to see your advisor now!


Every student in the College of Management will have an advising hold placed on their record for any upcoming fall or spring semester registration period. To have this hold removed, each student will be required to meet with their academic advisor before they can access registration.


Academic Policies

The College of Management adheres to university policies, in addition to our own.

Academic Advising and Advising Holds
We want to make sure that all CM students are on the right track academically, so we ask that you meet with us each semester before registration to have your Advising Hold lifted.  You are encouraged to begin making plans in early October (for spring registration) and late February (for fall registration).  The demand for our advising services increases as registration dates approach, so early planning is highly encouraged.   

Academic Standing
The College of Management follows university policy regarding Academic Standing, found on the Registrar’s Office webpage. Many students encounter academic challenges while in college, and we want to work together to get you back on track if you experience any difficulty. If you are on academic alert, academic probation, or extended probation or returning from dismissal or suspension you will be required to participate in the College's Program for Academic Success Strategies with your academic advisor.  You will receive more specific information about this program if necessary.

Course Repeats
Information regarding the university policy regarding repeating courses can be found on the Registrar's webpage.   

If you need to seek a policy exception you must complete the Repeat Waiver Request Form, found on the Registrar’s website (umb.edu/registrar).  If the exception is for a CM course, you must also request a letter of support from the College of Management Undergraduate Program Office using the Repeat Waiver Exception - Request CM Letter of Support, found on the Academic Resources section of the CM website.  This letter will be submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Office on your behalf and they will let you know if the exception was approved.

College of Management Pass/Fail Policy

The university allows you to take one course each semester on a pass/fail basis, up to a maximum of eight. (Mandatory pass/fail courses do not count toward this limit.) If the course is successfully completed, a grade of "P" will be earned and the course will be counted toward your graduation requirements, but it will not affect your cumulative grade point average. The grade of "F" will count as a failure.

In the College of Management, the pass/fail option is limited to specific courses.  CM students CAN take areas of knowledge courses pass/fail, specifically:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Social Behavioral Science
  • World Language or World Culture
  • Diversity
  • 200-level Non-business
  • International Management Requirement – as long as it is not course used in your concentration
  • General Elective Courses

CM students CANNOT take pass/fail courses that are major requirements, specifically:

  • Non-Business Verbal Reasoning and Expression (ENGL 101 & ENGL 102)
  • Non-Business Foundation Requirement (ECON 101, ECON 102 & MATH 134)
  • Writing Proficiency Requirement (BC230 & BC 290)
  • Business Foundation (MSIS 110, MSIS 111L, MSIS 212)
  • Management Core Requirement (AF 210, AF 211, AF 301, MGT 303, MGT 330, MGT 331, MGT 490, MKT 301, & MSIS 301)
  • Information Technology Core Requirement (IT 110, Programming Requirement Courses (i.e.: IT 116, IT 117, etc.) IT 230L, IT 240, IT 244, IT 246, IT 285L, IT 425L, IT 485)
  • All Concentration Courses
  • All Track Courses
  • All Professional Elective Courses (in IT Major)

All major requirements MUST be taken for a letter grade to count for satisfaction of the requirement for graduation.

It is important to note that a “pass/fail” selection cannot be cancelled after the published deadline that is listed in the Academic Calendar each semester.  

College of Management MATH 134 Requirement Policy

All management majors are required to complete MATH 134 (Managerial Calculus) before taking any College of Management 300 level courses in AF, MGT, MKT, MSIS or SCSM. We understand that not all students complete calculus before reaching the 300 level business courses, therefore an exception process is available to help you continuing making degree progress. To enroll in AF, MGT, MKT, MSIS, or SCSM courses at the 300 level, you need to have a math course in progress (most often MATH 115- Algebra, MATH 129 - Pre-calculus, or MATH 134 - Calculus).  Please contact your academic advisor to learn more about this policy and exception.

MATH 134 will also satisfy the university’s quantitative reasoning requirement for College of Management students. All management majors are encouraged to enroll in this course, or appropriate pre-requisite courses as determined by your ALEKS Math Placement Exam results, as soon as possible.

Please note that advanced calculus courses such as MATH 135 and MATH 140 also satisfy the MATH 134 requirement. 

College of Management Dean’s List Criteria
Dean’s List is an honor that is given each fall and spring semester to students who demonstrate superior performance in all of their courses for that term. The Dean’s List honor is noted on the student’s transcript for that term and a reception is held by the College to celebrate this success.

The criteria for being on the College of Management Dean’s List is the following:

  • A minimum of two courses in that semester
  • A semester GPA of 3.60 or higher
  • No incompletes for that term on the student record

These criteria must be met by the end of the grading period for that semester to be placed on the Dean’s List.

University Withdrawal Policy and Procedure


Transfer Credit Review Process

Browse the Transferology website for a list of the established UMass Boston transfer course equivalencies. For information regarding the Transfer Credit Policy and waivers, see the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Permission Form and instructions on the Registrar’s page.


Graduation Quick Checks

Each semester we pick up some laptops and move out of our office and into high traffic spaces where we can find upper level students—and you can find us—to do a quick check of your degree audit to be sure you are on track for graduation. We typically limit this to students with 90+ credits and who are about to register for their final semester at UMass Boston. We post information on our blog, and will also email students who we think could benefit from these events each semester.